As Daniel and I are prepping for our next beta release, I thought I would follow up here to talk about where we are.

At this point, I'm confident in our ability to launch soon. We've built a great product, that both Daniel and I are using for our day-to-day RSS reader. With each release we've added features, and the reading experience has greatly improved.

With this release Daniel did an overhaul of the design and UX, to make sure the focus of the interface is the articles. At the same time, we added Instapaper, Pocket, and Pinboard saving features, as well as more keyboard shortcuts and saved settings. Lastly, I improved our fetcher to back off of dead or broken feeds, so that we save our resources. It also evens out our server load over time, by distributing feed fetch times. As a bonus, we can easily distribute the fetcher over multiple servers.

For the next release, I know we'll be working on payment and subscription options, trials, and APIs.

We're still open to adding a few more people to the beta as well, so if you're interested, get in touch.

AuthorMichael Cantrell