The schedule for day 2 was entirely keynote/speaker based. Everyone attending was in the main auditorium listening to the same talks. The great part is everyone gets to hear the same things, and you don't feel like you're missing anything. The downside is that some of the talks may not be relevant or interest you. The other downside is they were so rapid-fire, that I'm having trouble separating them out in my head.

Most of the talks focused on front-end development or design. While interesting, they don't really apply to me. Also, most of the speakers were speaking specifically to others that did the same job as themselves. Overall, I felt energized by the talks, but didn't really come away with anything concrete to do.

My favorite speakers was Steve Smith from GitHub. He talked about all of the internal products they use to keep the team working efficiently and effectively. Plus, most of them were incredibly cool. The best one for me was the application they built to capture and aggregate all of the errors on GitHub. It gives them an immediate way to know if something is broken, and where it is. They don't have to wait for users to report a problem, they can just see that something is going wrong and address it. That may be the one tool I want to build, so that we can provide better service to clients.

Overall, I had a good time, but I definitely preferred the first day. The one question I did have, but couldn't get an answer for, even after tweeting is: Do you guys know how to post videos to Facebook?

AuthorMichael Cantrell