This post has nothing to do with programming, but it covers another thing I am fascinated with, Space. (Definitely deserves the capital "s").

This week James Cameron and the two Google founders announced a new company they were forming, with others, to start mining asteroids for resources. (Link) This is really cool, because it could be the first real step we make to go into space. Neil deGrasse Tyson thinks it's a good idea, so I'm in.

The cool part of this is all of the things we can do once we've successfully captured an asteroid. The amount of effort saved by already having the raw materials in space, means you can build in space, rather than on Earth and then spending enormous resources getting the object in to space. Like Neil deGrasse Tyson said, water already in space is cheaper than water from Earth moved into space.

If we can capture an asteroid and get enough resources out of it, we can build more spaceships. Then it becomes a self-sustaining system, and we can travel further and further. We can take the resources and build space stations or bases on other planets. We can even move the asteroids into orbits and use the asteroids themselves as bases.

Obviously I'm excited, because I would love to go to space. It would be more fun to go to the moon or an asteroid as well.
AuthorMichael Cantrell