If you haven't seen fab.com, I highly suggest you check it out. Here is my invite link: http://fab.com/n8ozg5

The site is basically a daily deal site focused around design. The typical products are furniture, lighting, art books, clothing, and the occasional trinkets. To date, I have made 5 purchases at Fab and loved every single one of them. I bought Plumen bulbs, signed and numbered lithographs of Lady Gaga and Patton Oswalt, Supernova Lights, a Che-Bart shirt, and finally some Urbanears headphones.

Why am I writing about this? I think they have executed on the daily deals plan properly. I've tried groupon, scoutmob, and livingsocial, but never found anything that was all that interesting. There are the very occasional things that are nice, but you're always buying a coupon for something else. Why not sell me an actual product like Fab? Why not sell me something that is harder to find? Why not sell me something hard to find at a nice discount?

Fab has executed on those "why nots". I bought products. I bought the Plumen bulbs that I had seen before, but never found a way to purchase at the time. I bought the Supernova lights that were hard to find and discounted $120. That's an excellent execution.

Fab has found the key to daily deals. Sell people things that they want, but have a hard time buying. Don't sell services, sell products.
AuthorMichael Cantrell
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