The common story around the internet (prior to Steve Jobs, RIP) is that the iPhone 4S is disappointing. People are disappointed that it isn't the iPhone 5. Here's the problem, it is the iPhone 5!

The iPhone 4S is better than the iPhone 4 in every way, except for the form factor. This is in much the same way that the iPhone 3GS is better than the iPhone 3G. The internals of the phone are what everyone expected with some extras. The dual antennas sending and receiving at the same time? Awesome. CDMA and GSM in one device instead of two distinct devices? Awesome. 8MP camera with 1080P video? Awesome. All of this without even mentioning the amazing software. iCloud, Siri, iOS5, and let's not forget Cards.

So the "let down" is that the form factor didn't change. Did anyone ever stop to think that the form factor is good? I certainly think it is. Perhaps Apple feels they have refined it to near perfection, and there is nothing more to do. The phone is an excellent weight, feels good in your hand, and looks fantastic. Why change something that isn't broken? Not to mention the costs associated with changing the form factor just for the sake of changing it.

I guess the basis of this post is, if you're disappointed in the iPhone, do yourself a favor and be quiet. The phone is solid in every way, and Apple is going to sell millions of them.
AuthorMichael Cantrell