My Work

Below are some examples of notable projects I've worked on. If you're interested in hiring, let me know.


I was the developer for the presidential election app 270toWin. The app allows you to make predictions for the 2012 presidential election by selecting which states will vote for which candidate. The app also has a wealth of historical information on the states and previous elections, all the way back to the first election of George Washington. I worked with Todd Bennings. We worked together to wireframe the application. From there Todd created an excellent design, and I did the development work. The app won a 2012 Atlanta Addy Award as well as being a Webby Honoree.


Georgia Lottery

I have been the lead developer on the Georgia Lottery website since June 2010. It's a great opportunity with some tight deadlines and some interesting projects. There are a slew of frameworks and backends in use that all have to integrate and talk with one another.

Coca-Cola Press Center

This portion of the Coca-Cola corporate site is devoted to providing members of the press with high quality footage from Coca-Cola. This footage includes commercials, sustainability videos, and B-roll.